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Substation Diagnostic College

Substation Diagnostic College is a one-day technical seminar intended for power utilities, transmission and distribution companies, and service or maintenance teams. The main goal of the seminar is to introduce the participants to the latest testing and inspection methodologies and to provide quick knowledge transfer.

DV Power’s engineers discuss the maintenance of 3 main elements of the substation:

  • Power transformers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Batteries for back-up systems

In the power transformer maintenance section, we discuss different testing methods such as winding resistance measurement, turns ratio measurement and demagnetization process. Additionally, we talk about dynamic resistance measurement (DVtest method) of OLTC contacts.

For Circuit breakers, we explain why it’s important to do a regular inspection of main and auxiliary contacts on circuit breakers. It is followed with additional tests such as “First trip” test or operating mechanism inspection.

As for the final part, we present how batteries should be tested according to IEEE, NERC and IEC standards. This includes maintenance procedures, capacity testing, and internal resistance measurement.

All of these discussions are followed with interesting case studies or an actual demonstration of tests with DV Power measuring instruments. Great importance is given to efficient test result analysis where DV Power’s software solutions come handy.

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