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Results Analysis and Consulting

Today many companies are increasingly looking for outsourced services to answer their toughest engineering problems. A valuable and comprehensive selection of benchmark data, collected during the years of extensive field testing, will help you better evaluate your asset’s test results by comparing them with previous or similar test results.

Practical experience and results collected from more than 90 countries thanks to all our customers that provide us with continuous case studies feedback, we are able to provide professional result analysis. DV Power provides the library and team of engineers with extensive experience in:

  • Power transformers
  • Tap changers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Battery systems

Based on the electrical testing results, we make appropriate recommendations for repairs or services to correct identified problems and to get the equipment operating in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Our technical support is always available to help you with answers within 24 hours.

We can assist you with an audit of the maintenance procedure, evaluate the procedure and recommend needed improvements. Besides that, our experts can help you with an interpretation of testing results and condition assessment. We offer unbiased expert opinions to resolve your dilemmas or specific issues.

Substation maintenance consists of routine procedures, but sometimes unexpected results can occur and you may not be sure what is the cause of it. These unexpected results can be the cause of incorrect measurements, wrong results interpretation, faulty instrumentation, faulty test object or some other factors.

When you are unsure how to proceed, ask our experienced consultant team.

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