Three-Phase Transformer Demagnetizer




  • Fully automatic demagnetization
  • Demagnetization currents 5 mA – 60 A DC
  • Demagnetization process graph
  • Automatic discharging circuit
  • Lightweight – 13,1 kg

The DEM60C is designed for demagnetizing the core of power, instrument or current transformer. It can be used to eliminate the source of potential problems such as, erroneous diagnostic, inaccurate measurements on a transformer, inrush current at a start-up of power transformer, incorrect operation of protective relays, which remnant magnetism can create.

The DEM60C provides an alternating current, needed for demagnetizing the transformers’ core, by internally changing the polarity of a controlled DC current. During the demagnetization process the instrument supplies a current at decreasing magnitude for each step. This is the UNIQUE device on the market.


Included accessories

  • DV-Win software
  • USB cable
  • Mains power cable
  • Ground (PE) cable
Recommended accessories

  • Current cables 4 x 10 m 10 mm2 with TTA clamps
  • Cable bag
  • Transport case
Optional accessories

  • Current cables 4 x 15 m 10 mm2 with TTA clamps
  • Current cables 4 x 20 m 16 mm2 with TTA clamps
  • Cable plastic case – medium size
  • Cable plastic case with wheels – medium size
  • Plastic transport case
  • Plastic transport case with wheels
  • Bluetooth communication module




Supported with the DV-Win software, DEM60C enables current waveforms and values to be displayed during the demagnetization progress on the DV-Win generated graph. The graphical display of demagnetizing current in real time enables monitoring the transformer core demagnetization process.

When the demagnetization process is finished, the generated graphs can be saved. This option provides the after-testing analysis of the demagnetization process, in terms of current waveforms and values in each step, along with the duration of the process.



Application Notes

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