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POB30 Series

POB Series

Coil testers and power supply units, models POB30 and POB40 are ideal for commissioning and maintenance testing of circuit breakers. The station supply is not available. The POB series are power supply units implementing the latest power electronics technology. They are developed for use in switchyards, power and industrial environment. In addition to providing current and voltage for breaker testing, they can measure certain coil parameters.

Coil Testers and Power Supply units: POB30D, POB30AD, POB40DL, POB40ADL, POB40D and POB40AD. They have built-in capability to automatically test the minimum trip voltage. Test is described in several international and national standards such as IEC 62271-100, ANSI C37.09 etc. Many other important parameters are possible to test with a breaker analyzer. Coil Tester and Power Supply units are in those circumstances used as the power supply units. They are compatible with breaker analyzers from different vendors. Coil Tester and Power Supply units can also be used as general power supply units or temporary battery charger. Maximum load time for coil outputs is 1 second.

Typical applications:

  • supplying spring-charging motors
  • power supply during a test with breaker analyzers
  • minimum trip voltage-test of the circuit breaker’s coils

Coil Tester & Power Supply POB30 series

The POB30D and POB30AD are powerful and multipurpose units, with possibility to generate, at 230 V mains supply, the inrush current of 30 A. In addition they are capable of providing a continuous current.

Load Voltage Max Current Max load interval
110 V 24 A 20 sec
110 V 20 A 60 sec
220 V 12 A 20 sec
220 V 10 A 60 sec

All POB series instruments have a very high ability to cancel electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in high HV electric fields. It is achieved by the very efficient filtration. The filtration is made utilizing proprietary hardware and software. The set is equipped with the thermal and overcurrent protection.

Coils output DC voltage 10 V – 300 V 10 V – 300 V
Coils output AC voltage 10 V – 250 V
Motor output DC voltage 10 V – 250 V 10 V – 250 V
Voltage resolution 1 V 1 V
Accuracy 0,5 % 0,5 %
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