Circuit Breaker Test Equipment


Circuit Breaker Analyzer and Timer Testing Equipment.

DV Power has released a new generation of test equipment for condition assessment of medium and high voltage circuit breakers.

Field-portable instruments with standalone or PC controlled functionality, allow performing various tests during circuit breaker manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance stages.

Applications supported by the DV Power circuit breaker test equipment include measurements of:

  • Contact resistance
  • DRM (dynamic resistance measurement)
  • Coil resistance and coil current (IEC 62271-100)
  • Mechanism charging time (IEC 62271-100)
  • Minimum trip voltage (IEC 56, ANSI C37.09)
  • Undervoltage release (IEC 60694)
  • Timing of circuit breaker main, auxiliary and pre-insertion contacts
  • Synchronization between the contacts
  • Motion and velocity
  • “First trip” test

The essential part of a circuit breaker condition assessment is the ability to compare the latest test results with previous testing. Measured values are stored and compared with the limits specified by the manufacturer. A fingerprint obtained in this way can be used at a later stage as a reference during subsequent measurements. In order to obtain accurate comparison, the tests need to be performed using identical test parameters. Any deviation and change in the test results may indicate the circuit breaker condition deterioration. This ability is supported by the test plans and graph overlay features.

As a final result of a circuit breaker maintenance process, the DV-Win provides analytical tools and customized report creations.

Circuit Breaker Testing

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