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DV Power battery resistance tester – IBAR is portable accurate and very quick resistance tester which determines the state of health of batteries by taking measurements of important battery parameters such as cell internal resistance, cell voltage as well as inter-cell connection resistance.

It is ideal testing tool for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance tests on individual stationary batteries and battery packs in critical backup energy solutions. Device gives a Pass/Warning/Fail indication. All the measurements can be saved in the devices internal memory for later analysis.

Using DV-B Win software it is possible to download results from devices internal memory to a PC and to generate graphical reports for historical trending and further analysis.

Main Features

  • Quickly records and stores internal resistance, float voltage, and inter-cell connection resistance
  • Tests flooded lead acid, VRLA, Ni-Cd, and Li-ion batteries and strings
  • Automatic detection of resistance range
  • Incudes DV-B Win software
  • Support tool during capacity test for cell voltage measurements
  • Pass/Warning/Fail indication during testing based on set parameters


Included accessories

  • DV B Win software including USB cable
  • Transport bag and carrying belts
  • Power supply adapter
Recommended accessories

  • IBAR Test lead set
  • Zero Calibration Board

DV-B Win

DV-B Win software is included in the purchase and its updates are free of charge and can be downloaded from the web-site. It enables user to quickly and easily import data from the battery resistance tester to a PC and export of the results in different formats for easy incorporation into report.

In addition to that it enables further analysis such as comparing results and trending.


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Version: 303
Published: 2018-11-15

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