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Transformer Test Equipment

About Transformer Test Equipment


DV Power test instruments perform various diagnostic tests on power and instrument transformers. Even more, a unique feature is a condition assessment of on-load tap changers. Performing a transformer test before their breakage can be crucial.

Test instruments are portable and enclosed in durable metal cases. Also, the 19” rack-mounted version suitable for factories is available as well.

Applications supported by DV Power transformer test equipment include:

  • Winding resistance measurement (IEC 60076-1)
  • Analysis of on-load tap changers (IEC 60214-1)
  • Heat run test (IEC 60076-2)
  • Automatic transformer demagnetization
  • Turns ratio measurement of power and instrument transformers (IEC 60076-1)
  • Excitation current measurement
  • Phase angle measurement
  • Transformer vector group detection
  • Demagnetization status verification

All of the above-mentioned measurements are performed with the highest accuracy.

The advanced DV-Win PC software collects both numerical and graphical results. As a result of that, these features provide an easier and more efficient analysis. After the test, DV-Win software generates a test report with a single click. Furthermore, a user can easily customize the test report and save it in different formats, such as XLS or PDF.

Finally, the analysis of on-load tap changers is performed by the new method called dynamic resistance measurement (DRM). This is a non-intrusive method. Therefore, it allows detecting problems in on-load tap changers without disassembling them.