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Low Resistance Ohmmeters

About Low Resistance Ohmmeters

Low resistance measurement, also known as continuity testing, is required to prevent long-term damage to the installed equipment. It is an essential test for detecting increased contact resistance that will lead at some point to overheating, energy loss, and failures.

DV Power produces a comprehensive range of low-resistance ohmmeters and accessories that cover most measurement applications, such as:

  • High and medium voltage switchgear and circuit Breakers (as per IEC 62271-100 standard)
  • High and medium voltage disconnecting switches (as per IEC 62271-100 standard)
  • High-current Busbar joints
  • Terminals of the conductors on HV power lines
  • Continuity of protective bonding conductors
  • Integrity/continuity testing of earthing systems (as per IEEE 80)
  • Lightning protection systems in substations
  • Wind turbine lightning protection systems/foundation grounding, etc.

Our products are highly accurate with the typical accuracy of ± (0,1% rdg + 0,1% FS), and the best resolution of 0,1 µΩ. This is achieved with a high range of test current 0 – 800 A DC, and specially designed test leads that satisfy Kelvin’s 4-point measurement principle. Different designs like portable units, handheld units, battery-powered, long test leads, etc. are offered to meet your needs.