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Electric Vehicle End-of-Life Battery Management

About Electric Vehicles Battery Discharge Solutions


Following the highly successful mass introduction of batteries across a multitude of industries, especially the EV market over a decade ago, today, there is a surging number of batteries reaching their end of life. The need for sustainable end-of-life battery management solutions and state-of-the-art technologies has never been more crucial.

These batteries, which have powered eco-friendly mobility solutions, now require careful handling to minimize environmental impact and provide sustainability considering the limited availability of essential battery materials. Sustainability, encompassing the collection, management, and recycling of end-of-life batteries, stands as a crucial factor for future developments.

Consulting services for Pre-Recycling Electric Vehicle Battery Discharge Solutions

We offer expert CONSULTING SERVICES to guide you through the planning and implementation process of prerecycling battery discharge systems.

Our experienced team assists you in selecting the right discharge system configuration, considering factors like capacity, automation level, energy recovery options, and safety protocols.

We provide detailed technical specifications and cost analysis to help you make well-informed choices that align with your project’s timeline and budget.

Implementation of Pre-Recycling Electric Vehicle Battery Discharge Systems

Rely on DV Power to DESIGN and MANUFACTURE comprehensive and customizable solutions that make a difference.

Our solutions are designed to meet your immediate needs, optimize your dayto-day operations, and help you reduce waste of resources.

Together we can achieve a more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective approach to battery disposal, whether you’re looking to implement these solutions into an existing system or
create a brand-new process from the ground up.

Full Scale Solution

Testing for Second Life

By identifying batteries suitable for a second-life application, we help you maximize your investment and minimize waste.

Efficient Recycling Preparation

Our deep discharging solutions are engineered to discharge batteries down safely and efficiently to 0V, streamlining the recycling process. By following rigorous discharge protocols, we ensure that batteries are fully prepared for recycling, reducing potential hazards and environmental impact.

Industrial or Portable Solutions

We understand the diversity of our client’s needs. Whether you require large-scale industrial solutions or compact, mobile  systems, our team of experts is dedicated to tailoring solutions that align with your specific requirements.

Energy Recovery to the Grid AND/OR Resistive Load Discharge

Embrace sustainable practices with our grid integration and energy recovery options. Our systems can be seamlessly connected to the grid, allowing for energy recovery from discharged batteries.
Alternatively, choose resistive load systems or a custom combination to meet your specific energy management goals.

Automation for Enhanced Efficiency

Automation boosts productivity and efficiency, and we offer flexible choices to suit your preferences. Select from fully automated systems that require minimal human intervention or partially automated setups that provide more control. Our automation solutions enhance productivity while ensuring safe battery handling.

Safety Comes First

Safety is at the heart of our designs. Our comprehensive systems include temperature control mechanisms to prevent overheating, advanced fire protection protocols to mitigate risks, ventilation systems ensuring optimal air quality, and VOC extraction for a safe and healthy workspace.

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    End-of-Life Battery Management