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Coil Testers & Power Suppliers

About Coil Testers & Power Suppliers


Coil testers and power supply instruments are ideal commissioning portable devices for use in harsh switchyard and industrial environments. POB and SAT instruments are portable, powerful and most of all completely universal. They are able to provide power to different circuit breaker analyzers, circuit breaker coils and circuit breaker spring charging motor.

Coil testers & power supplies are used as a general power source or temporary battery chargers. They are also capable of performing minimum trip voltage test according to IEC 62271-100, IEC 56, ANSI C37.09.

The most important parameter of a power supply device is that it supplies true RMS and DC voltage with low ripple (<0,5%). Also, DV Power instruments are the lightest power sources in the market.

Even more, SAT instruments can be controlled via PC. Because of that, a user can create advanced reports using PC software. This feature makes them unique on the market.