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Field Testing

Field testing service provides the test engineer with a group of tools to assess the condition and to identify problems before they become catastrophic.

Field testing takes time, effort and incurs a cost, so the need for testing must be balanced with the value of the results. It is up to the engineer to choose the appropriate tool for the job, deciding what data is needed, and how it can be obtained most efficiently. Most of the testing is done while the equipment is out of service for a brief period of time.

Various power utilities, people and organizations have different viewpoints on and approaches to testing strategies. This approach should include the following:

  • Predictive equipment testing but with importance priorities taken into consideration;
  • Preventive equipment testing. To identify unsatisfactory conditions that may shorten the equipment useful life or to confirm that the equipment is in suitable condition for service. This also includes factory testing prior to transportation and installation.
  • Periodic-based testing carried out at regular intervals.
  • Conditions based maintenance.
  • Field testing is also performed in response to an incident or an event that brings the equipment’s state into question.

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