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DV-Win Software

A unique software application called DV-Win has been developed by DV Power as a tool compatible with all series of our instruments. The software automatically recognizes the device which is connected to a PC and activates the appropriate form.

DV-Win is a powerful application tool based on the Windows operating system. It enables two-way communication between test devices and a standard PC via USB interface.

The software supports the following functions:

  • Full control of all DV Power instruments from a PC
  • Test plans – test preparation in the office
  • Acquisition and analysis of appropriate test results
  • Test results download from the instrument
  • Test results can be viewed, edited, saved, printed and exported.

Besides these functions, each form of DV-Win software has its own list of applications implemented, specific for the appropriate device model.

To download the latest version of DV-Win software, please visit our Members Area.

RMO Series

DV-Win software for micro-ohmmeters provides several advanced features as a supplement to multiple functions of RMO devices. Testing in Continuous mode is upgraded with a sample time feature which allows a user to record test results in specific time intervals set in seconds. After performed measurements results can be saved in various formats and test report can be generated and saved or printed. The result can also be downloaded from the device to the PC by use of several different search filters.

For the RMO form of DV-Win software, there is a Help menu available, with detailed instructions and explanations of all functions and features.

DV-Win for Microohmmeters

SAT Series

By using DV-Win software, operating and testing circuit breakers’ coils is even more practical. Both, initial test parameters and test results, for any of the selected test, are displayed in a single row.

Besides the option of initiating operation and testing circuit breaker’s coils, the DV-Win software provides displaying, in numerical and graphical form, the circuit breaker’s motor voltage and current values along with the motor’s charging time.

Previous test results can be easily downloaded from the device internal memory to the PC by using several different search filters.

CAT Series

DV-Win software enables a user to view and overlay several graphs for complete and easy test result comparison. It allows selecting the measurement points and intervals using two available cursors. Zoom and pan graph features are available too. After the measurement is done, a user can customize the configuration of test result graphs.

For the CAT version of DV-Win software, there is a Help menu available, with detailed instructions and explanations of all functions and features.

TWA Series

The software provides OLTC (tap changer) condition assessment through analysis of the Dynamic Resistance Graphs recorded during the tap changer transitions.

Additionally, the DV-Win measures and calculates OLTC transition time and the ripple for each tap change operation, as well as the winding resistance in each tap position.


RMO-T Series

The DV-Win software enables on-load tap changer analysis by recording a dynamic resistance graph during a tap changer transitions. In the case of RMO-TD and RMO-TT models, it also enables the recording of tap changer motor current, which is used for detecting motor and mechanical problems.

In addition, the software provides graph analysis tools, as well as a recording of transition time and transition ripple numerical values. The software can also perform the calculations necessary for the “Heat Run” test. All results can be exported in the report format.

DV-Win for RMOT

TRT Series

The software provides numerous advantages, such as creating and storing test plans, downloading test results from the instrument, acquisition of test results, creating graphs for easier analysis, creating test reports and saving them in several different formats.

When creating a test plan, DV-Win enables automatic calculation of nameplate voltages for all tap positions. The user is allowed to edit these voltages, save the test plan and recall it onsite. All results are displayed both numerically and graphically, making the analysis as easy as possible. The test report, generated with a single click, can be quickly customized, and directly printed or saved.

DV-Win for TRT

DEM Series

Supported with DV-Win software, DEM60C enables current waveforms and values to be displayed during the demagnetization progress on DV-Win generated graph. The graphical display of demagnetizing current in real time enables monitoring of the transformer core demagnetization process.

When the demagnetization process is finished, the generated graphs can be saved. This option provides the after-test analysis of the demagnetization process, in terms of current waveforms and values in each step, along with the duration of the process.

DV-Win for DEM

BLU and BVR Series

The software provides the possibility of setting additional parameters (cell voltage, string voltage, capacity and time) for alarming and ending the test. The setting of the profile modes is graphically displayed.

Using DV-B Win during the discharge process, the current, voltage and capacity values, as well as the waveforms, can be observed. Additionally, online tracking function using histogram shows the distribution of the voltage on each cell of the battery string.

When the discharging process is done, the results are saved and can be arranged or printed for the report in a selectable format as an XLS, PDF, Word, or RTF format. This enables further analysis, historical preview and comparison of the results.