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7th DV Power Biennial Distributors’ Conference Has Ended

DV Power held its traditional Distributor’s Conference from 19th to 21st June 2019 in Clarion Sign Hotel Stockholm. With more than 30 distributors attending, the focus of the Conference was to introduce the newest DV Power achievements and developments, as well as to share the experiences among the distributors.

During the Conference, DV Power engineers presented redesigned instruments, with touch screen graphical displays that are coming to the market next months. The participants had an opportunity not just to listen about them, but to try them on the spot. They also had a chance to see software and organizational improvements.

In the meantime, attendees shared opinions, thoughts, and suggestions for consideration. Distributors from Australia and Spain shared their success stories which inspired others to use the opportunities in their countries.

7th DV Power Biennial Distributors Conference Attendees at Closing Ceremony

Long-term distributors and partners were awarded occasional gifts and certificates. DV Power team would like to express gratitude once more to:

  • Mr. Keith Bensely – Pacific Test Equipment Pty. Ltd.
  • Mr. Bhavesh Makwana – Madhav Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Kim Etherington – ProgUSA Ltd.
  • Mr. Benny Popper – MPH Electrical Engineering Ltd.
  • Mr. Enrique Spitzer – Ing. Spitzer
  • Mr. Alberto Ferreres – Martin Baur S.A.

In the end, it can be said that 7th DV Power Distributors’ Conference achieved its goals and managed to exceed the previous ones. Also, DV Power team would like to thank all the attendees for extending the Conference with their presence and active participation.

Some pictures from the Conference can be found in our gallery.

June 28, 2019


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