Tap Changer College

DV Power is proud to announce our traditional “Tap Changer College“. The 2-day event takes place in different city each time to promote DVtest method, and learn of tap changer principles of operation. All this in order to provide users a new tool for condition assessment of OLTCs. Several topics related to on-load tap changer testing and maintenance will be presented by experts from DV Power, ABB, TJ/H2b, MR, and various utilities during these conferences. If you are interested in attending, please contact sales@dv-power.com for more info about registration.



  • “Load Tap Changer Fundamentals”
    • An introduction to On-Load Tap-Changers covering the operating principles, regulating and transformer windings connections, OLTC styles, conventional arcing in oil and vacuum technology including the corresponding operational sequences.

  • “Load Tap Changer Diagnostics DVtest”
    • This training session will elaborate on condition diagnosis of electrical contacts of tap changers using DVtest (Dynamic tap changer recording). Principles of the method and positive / negative aspects of various testing procedures. DC testing power transformers requires special approach. Demagnetization and saturation using high current or both windings explained. Synchronization between phases, stabilization, shorting, runaway.

  • “Load Tap Changer Diagnostics DGA”
    • While DGA will be discussed to identify the type of OLTC issues, the DVtest method can identify and locate contact wear and defects on OLTC’s which will be demonstrated and explained. Oil vs vacuum tap changer signatures in DGA – key gasses, ratios, and source of gassing.

  • “DVtest Case Studies”
    • This training session will shed light onto detailed analysis of resistance/reactance tap changer operation, its various contact motion principles, and analysis of DVtest graphs. Tap changer failure modes, and how to detect it before it becomes a disaster will be addressed along with case studies. DV Power has been collecting this experience for the last 8 years.

  • Practical transformer DVtesting
  • DC testing transformer windings
  • Various modes of OLTC testing, mechanical and electrical condition evaluation
  • Result analysis
  • Summary of findings

Older types of tap changers now require upgrades or overhaul, prioritizing this task can be accomplished using DVtest procedure accompanied with powerful data analysis. Attending TC College will give you an excellent tool and knowledge to perform condition assessment of OLTCs.


All sessions will be held in English language in the selected hotel.

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