Battery Voltage Recorder BVR20 is a portable, handheld device primarily intended for measuring battery voltages and temperature while battery is either connected or disconnected from the network. BVR20 can also provide data on the density of electrolyte by communicating with an external Density Meter (DMA35) over an infrared (IR) link. An additional feature is the cell tags readings enabled by cell recognition over Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

This device is simple and easy to use with a possibility to store the measurement results. It also provides fast and easy data transfer to PC over USB cable. The presence of a measurement sound indicator, keyboard and graphical 2.8″ touch-screen display adds to its simplicity of use.

Main Features

  • Lightweight – only 0,6 kg (1.3 lb)
  • Cell voltage measurement ranges: ±2,35 V; ±7 V; ± 30 V
  • Current measurement using current clamps
  • Temperature measurement
  • RFID cell recognition
  • Electrolyte density measurement (communicating with external Density Meter)
  • Detailed test analysis by using DV-B Win software


Included accessories

  • DV-B Win PC software
  • Mini USB cable
  • Transport bag and carrying belts
  • Power supply adapter
Recommended accessories

  • RFID tags 20 pcs
  • Sense cables
  • PT100 temperature indicator

DV-B Win

The software provides the possibility of setting additional parameters (cell voltage, string voltage, capacity and time) for alarming and ending the test. The setting of the profile modes is graphically displayed.

Using DV-B Win during discharge process, the current, voltage and capacity values as well as the waveforms can be observed. Additionally, online tracking function using histogram shows the distribution of the voltage on each cell of the battery string.

When discharging process is done, the results are saved and can be arranged or printed for the report in a selectable format as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF and Word format. This enables further analysis, historical preview and comparison of the results.


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Version: 306
Published: 2017-09-21

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