Battery Extra Load Unit – BXL-T



The Battery Extra Load Unit BXL-T is designed as an additional load with the BLU220T device if a required discharge current or power exceeds the capacity of a single BLU220T device.

The BXL-T unit is based on the state-of-the-art technology incorporating the most advanced power electronics solutions, with 6 fans integrated into the device. It is a powerful device providing high discharge currents (up to 310 A DC) and may be applied to battery strings with up to 60 V voltage level. A combination of a BLU and BXL units enable performing the capacity test in an accurate, user-friendly way in accordance with the battery testing standards (IEEE 450-2010 / 1188-2005 / 1106-2015, IEC 60896-11/22 and other relevant standards).

Main Features

  • Used in a combination with BLU220T device to increase load capacity
  • Lightweight – 12,5 kg (28 lb.)
  • Powerful – discharge power up to 17,5 kW
  • Voltage measurement range: up to 75 V DC
  • Discharge current – up to 310 A DC
  • Measurement resolution – current 1 A, voltage 1 V
  • Discharge process controlled by BLU220T device
  • Connects to battery terminals and parallel to BLU220T


Included accessories

  • Mains power cable
  • Ground (PE) cable
  • Transport case
Recommended accessories

  • Current cables 2 x 3 m 70 mm2 (9.84 ft, 1 AWG) with alligator clamps (A4) isolated
  • Cable bag
Optional accessories

  • Cable set 2 x 2 m 1 mm2 for parallel operation
  • Cable set 2 x 5 m 1 mm2 for parallel operation



Download brochure

Download brochure

Version: 307
Published: 2017-11-03


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