Battery Capacity Tester BLU200A



Battery Load Bank – BLU200A is a portable device for measuring battery capacity by deploying user selectable discharging conditions. It provides the discharge current of up to 240 A and may be applied to battery strings with up to 300 V battery voltage

BLU 200A load bank is lightweight (14,5 kg/ 32 Ib) developed to meet customer´s wide ranging test procedure requirements.

Load testing is performed in an accurate, user-friendly way in accordance to battery testing standards:

  • IEEE 450-2010
  • IEEE 1188-2005
  • IEEE 1106-2015
  • IEC 60896-11/22 and other relevant standards.

In addition it can be performed using three discharge modes:


as well as in accordance with a user selectable load profile.


Using this load bank, the test can be conducted even in a case a battery remains connected to the load it supplies or any other additional load used to increase loading capability.


The current and the voltage alarm levels are set prior the test. After starting discharge, load bank keeps the current/power/resistance constant at the preset level. When the battery voltage drops to a level slightly above the final voltage, load bank issues an alarm. The test is stopped automatically as soon as end voltage, end time or end capacity is reached.

The advanced DV-B Win PC software provides easy and efficient discharge test result in analysis. Also, it enables the user to create reports in different formats.

Main Features

  • Lightweight – 14,5 kg (32 lb.)
  • Powerful – discharge power up to 19,7 kW
  • Battery voltage: 6 to 270 V DC (min 5,25 – max 300 V DC)
  • Discharge current – up to 240 A DC
  • Battery internal resistance measurement according to IEC 60896
  • Expandable for larger banks using BXL-A extra load units
  • Current measurement range using Current Clamp 0 – 1 000 A DC
  • User – adjustable alarm and shutdown parameters to prevent excessive discharge
  • Testing without disconnecting the regular load
  • Detailed test analysis using DV-B Win software
  • Test resume feature in case of interrupted power supply


Included accessories

  • DV-B Win software, including USB cable
  • Mains power cable
  • Ground (PE) cable
  • Transport case
Recommended accessories

  • Current cables 2 x 3 m 50 mm2 with alligator clamps (A4) isolated 
  • Cable bag
Optional accessories

  • Current cables 2 x 3 m 50 mm2 with alligator clamps (A4) isolated 
  • Current cables 2 x 5 m 50 mm2 with alligator clamps (A4) isolated 
  • Current cables 2 x 10 m 70 mm2 with alligator clamps (A4) isolated 
  • Extension cables 2 x 3 m 50 mm2
  • Sense cables 2 x 3 m with banana plugs + dolphin clip
  • Sense cables 2 x 5 m with banana plugs + dolphin clip
  • Sense cables 2 x 10 m with banana plugs + dolphin clip
  • Current clamp 30/300 A power supplied from the instrument with extension 5 m
  • Current clamp 100/600 A with internal battery supply and extension 5 m
  • Adapter for current clamp 30/300 A power supplied from the instrument with banana plugs
  • Cable for external alarm
  • Extension cable for external alarm 5 m
  • Cable for BLU-BLU parallel operation 3 m
  • Transport case for BLU – medium size
  • Canvas Transport case – medium size
  • Cable bag
  • Mains power cable EU 10 A
  • Mains power cable NA 15 A (NEMA 05-15)
  • Mains power cable UK 10 A
  • Mains power cable AU 10 A

DV-B Win

The DV-B Win software is included in the price, and all its updates are free of charge. Using the DV-B Win software a test can be performed and monitored from a PC, and the results can be saved directly to a PC. Communication between the BLU and a PC is achieved through a USB cable. Using the DV-B Win, the results can be arranged and printed for a report in a selectable formats as XLS, PDF, Word, or RTF format. Also, the possibility of importing other types of data formats (jpg, png, doc) into the standardized DV-B Win report is provided, as well as exporting the numerical and graphical results from the DV-B Win into customizable report. Additionally, the software provides a possibility of setting extra parameters (cell voltage, string voltage, capacity and time) for alarming and terminating the test.



Application Notes

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