New Cabling Solution for TRT Devices

All Three-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Testers (TRT03, TRT3x, and TRT4x) ordered after November 1st, 2015 will have a new cabling solution. New solution will be the same as in the present TRT63 series. This will provide interchangeable cables between all TRTs and Three-Phase Winding Ohmmeters & Tap Changer Analyzers (TWA) series devices.

connection with ground JPG

Customers in possession of the TWA who plan to purchase a new TRT, or the customers that plan to purchase both TWA and TRT devices, will now have a wider range of turns ratio testers to choose from, and still keep all the benefits of the interchangeable cables. Variety of TRT models will allow them to fit orders in their budget.

Existing TRT devices with old cabling solution are subject to upgrade upon customer’s request. For more information, please contact

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