Great experience in India


DV Power engineers have recently completed a 10-day tour of India. Accompanied with personnel of our Indian distributor Madhav Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we have visited some of the most important electric utilities and OEMs in India, such as PGCIL, KPTCL, GETCO, ABB, MSETCL, TATA Power, Transformer & Rectifier, etc. Several demonstrations in 765 kV and 400 kV substations were performed with our TWA40D, TRT30B, CAT125 and RMO200H devices, as well as discharging tests of batteries with BLU200A and BVR devices.

Our presence in India energetic sector is already significant and it is constantly being improved. See you soon in India again, at ELECRAMA 2016, Bangalore 13 – 17 February.

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