DV Power Webinar Series


This webinar series will cover the insights into testing high voltage substation equipment. DV Power application engineers will share their practical field knowledge on Transformer, Circuit breaker and Battery testing methodologies.

This free webinar series will cover the topics listed below:

  • The importance of controlled power supply during circuit breaker testing – scheduled for October 3rd
  • Test system for performing the standard functional tests of circuit breaker – scheduled for October 17th
  • Battery Testing – How to determine optimal BLU & BXL combination – scheduled for November 14th
  • Reactive type Tap Changers – scheduled for November 21st
  • On-Load Tap Changer testing using DVtest method – scheduled for November 28th
  • Transformer DC current testing – scheduled for December 5th
  • Register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/5916552710605041666

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