Automated test mode wanted by every test engineer!

Transformer testing can now be performed with no user interaction!

DV Power released the new testing feature – fully AUTOMATED TEST MODE. This mode provides automatic testing of the transformer turns ratio and winding resistance. It also executes DVtest (OLTC DRM test) and demagnetization without a field personnel intervention.

After setting the test parameters and starting the test, the DV-Win software will be automatically changing the taps and performing measurements in all tap positions at the same time. Upon completion of the measurements in all taps, the DV-Win software will save results in a predefined memory location.


  • Reduces errors frequently made during manual measurements
  • No need for an additional person to participate by operating the tap changer
  • Operator’s attendance not required during the entire test
  • Shorter testing time – taps are changed immediately following the winding resistance measurement once it has been determined as stable

Automated test mode

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