Successfull demonstration TWA40D and TRT63A at LVN


DV Power organized a one-day demonstration of using the TWA40D and TRT63A devices at LEW Verteilnetz GmbH (LVN) in Germany.

LVN ( is the regional network operator in Bavaria and it is the subsidiary of Lechwerke AG based in Augsburg. The Lechwerke network area they support includes Bavarian-Swabia as well as the parts of Upper Bavaria.

All diagnostic tests were successfully performed on the 20 MVA three-phase transformer in Neusäß substation. Tests included the winding resistance measurement, performing DVtest, OLTC synchronization check, demagnetization and vibration tests, as well as turns ratio and phase angle measurements.

TWA40D and TRT63A proved once again that they are the best transformer analyzers on the market.

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